Friends, Affiliates, Partners, and Discounts

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Minnesota-Based Restaurants

Janna’s Market Grill – They’re Located at 129 Central Ave N, Faribault, MN 55021.

They serve hot food for the first half of the day but you can still go in and pick up a cold meal or dessert and have it taste superb!

El Mariachi – They’re Located at 227 Main St N, Austin, MN 55912.

Top tier Mexican food in southern MN.

Conger Meat Market – Conger and Albert Lea, MN

The best beef jerky, sausage, cookies, and American waygu beef.

Everyone loves Board Games

Games by James – If you’re in central MN definitely go check them out!

It’s best to go in person but here’s their online shop.

The Most Delicious Artisan Ice Cream EVER

Life Raft Treats – I’d sell my limbs for their ice cream.

Make an Order and Have the Ice Cream shipped here through Gold Belly!

Actually Tasty VEGAN Food

Wholly Veggie – RARELY does vegan, soy free, gluten free, non gmo food taste good but they did it!

I’d recommend the Buffalo Cauliflower Wings.

Home Decor Inspired by NEATure

Green Philosophy Co. – They’re slaying it when it comes to creative pillows and blankets.

I LOVE their Gloriosum Giant Leaf Blanket.

STICKERS! – My company SLICKS also supplies the same items.

Zug Monster

Stickers, Labels, Pins, Keychains, Charms, Magnets, Etc…

Sticker Mule

Stickers, Labels, Magnets, Buttons, Packaging, Etc…

Home Tech

AnkerWork – A sub brand to the household name that is Anker. Geared towards those in a hybrid working environment.

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eufy – robo vacs, ecurity cameras, and baby monitors

Click here to benefit from their Black Friday deals!

NFC / QR Business Cards

POPL – Probably one of the most recognized business card platform.

You’ll get 25% off using my referral link and 20% off using the code ‘JACOB69’ . BTW, My go-to item is their waterproof wristband or gold-plated card.

Linq – They make a larger array of NFC/ QR items and are arguably more affordable.

You’ll get a discount for using the code ‘JACOBFOX’ at the checkout.

Online Privacy

Nord VPN – One of the easier to use yet powerful VPNs.

These dudes run discount frequently and have a mobile and desktop app for easy use.

Home Gardening Supplies

Vivosun – Smart Grow Systems, Tent Kits, Lights, Exhaust, Humidity, Irrigation,  Etc…

Use Discount Code ‘JACOB’ to Save 15% on Your Order.

Garden Supply Guys – A very well thought-out growers supply store that also tailors to mushrooms growers.

They were kind enough to send me a Canna Brush. Check them out here!

HTG Supply – Anything you could ever need to grow at home and do it well.

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HarvestMore – Home of the TrimBin!

The TrimBin paired with a CannaBrush are a match made in heaven.

Grove Bags – The go to shop for preservation bags.

Truly an endless selection of bags and they even customize them!

Home Water Treatment

123filter – A wide variety of home filtration systems.

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Power Free, Automatic Watering, and  Irrigation Systems

AutoPots USA – Super simple to set up and use irrigation.

Use Discount Code ‘JACOB’ to Save 10% on Your Order.

Canna Companies

Cultivated CBD – Drinks, Gummies, Seeds, PreRolls, Tincutres, Pate De Fruit, Topicals, Flower, Etc…

Easily one of the coolest canna-companies of Minnesota! 


Cultivated CBD – Their seed genetics are crafted by some of the most experienced minds around.

Some of the minds behind GG4 are helping out with the seed genetics at Cultivated so get them while they’re on sale!

I ♥ Growing MJ – They offer a wide variety of feminized and auto seeds.

Click here to shop using my affiliate link.

Vaporizers (Dry Herb and Concentrates)

Storz and Bickel – They’re the makers of the iconic Volcano, Mighty, and Crafty vaporizers.

My daily driver is their Volcano Hybrid.

but if you ever see me at an event you know I’m carrying the Mighty+.

Magma Industries – This brand is an amazing accessory making for the Volcano.

I use the Obsidian every day and find it easy to clean with iso.

Puffco – High quality vapes.

I love the Peak.

Linx – They’re a high quality vaporizer company and deal in dry herb and concentrates.

I love using their Apollo Dab Rig!

Arizer – They make nice dry herb vapes.

Their Solo 2 slaps!

Vapor Brothers – Their an online shop but also make really cool looking desktop dry herb vapes.

Their VB1.5 seems to be the newer version of what I’m rocking.

Stone Smiths – Super sleek concentrate vapes.

If you’ve been following me for the last few years than you know that I love the SLASH!

Dip Devices – Compact concentrate and flower vapes.

Their Little Dipper is an affordable dab straw!

Galaxy E-Nails – They make some really nice e-nails with easy to use controllers. 

I use their Odyssey E-Nail with quartz coated ceramic nail paired with the ceramic down spout/ adapter.

Cut Out the Butane with some Hemp Wick

Humboldt Hempwick – In my personal opinion, You will literally taste the difference.

Use code ‘JACOB’ to save 20% on your order.

Flower Use

The RipTip – It’s a glass tip with several spiraling chambers inside that help give a silky smooth smoke.

I have a blue colored size 9 tip!

The PowerHitter – Old heads probably recognize this one!

The mad lads at PowerHitter now offer a kit with an auto pump!

Elevate Jane – A Contemporary Smoke Shop.

EJ is where I got my uranium glass ashtray and my green joint holder!

Gleeb – Portable Glass Geebs (G.B.s aka Gravity Bongs)

Use code ‘JACOB’ to save 15%.


Space Case – Arguably the nicest grinders around.

I gotta put on the large 4 piece grinder since the Ops took mine lmfao.

Culinary Supplies

Magical – I think I have a half dozen of their butter making machines!

This baker’s bundle is everything you need to make canna oil easier and you can use code ‘JACOB’ to save some while you’re at it.

Rosin Presses

Rosin Tech – Their presses make it easy to create your own solventless concentrates.

I use their older model the SMASH but feel free to check out their newer models.

Retail Shops

Blazy Susan – All the stoner supplies you’ll ever need.

They’ve got some really nice smell proof bags!

Pulsar Vaporizers – A really chill online head shop.

These dudes have sent me some of the most unique pipes EVER!